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Encourage sales of plant foods

Implement marketing strategies to support sales of vegetables, wholegrains, plant proteins and better meat and dairy.

Often, flexitarian and plant-based foods are segregated into their own ‘alternative’ sections. However, to broaden their appeal they should be presented as mainstream options. Displaying plant-rich foods prominently can boost sales. 

Plant-based options should be placed in prime positions within the right category. A good example of this is the, increasingly common, sale of oat milk in the dairy fridges alongside animal milk. This concept could be extended to a ‘protein aisle’ that includes pulses, nuts and other plant proteins alongside ‘better’ meat and sustainable fish. 

The sale of more plant foods will be supported by: 

  • Product development - increase the proportion of plants in prepared products, such as ready meals. Increase the proportion of fruit and vegetables contained in snacking and ‘on the go’ products. 
  • Improved access -  increase the provision of fruit and vegetables, whole grain products, pulses and nuts in all shops, including smaller and convenience stores.
  • Store layout - improve positioning and store layout for options which include more plants.
  • Promotions - by pricing vegetables, wholegrains, nuts, seeds, fruit and pulses competitively including the use of promotional tools. 
  • Advertising - shift advertising imagery and content away from meat as central image, and ensure plant-based products feature prominently. Develop exciting content, e.g. recipes or wine-pairing advice, that applies to plant-rich foods.