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Set targets for more plants in the basket and evaluate progress

Set sales targets and evaluate progress to rebalance the food basket. Include more vegetables, wholegrains, nuts, seeds, fruit and pulses and commit to targeted reduction in meat and dairy sales.

Retailers should employ strategies to diversify their offer to include more plant foods. Set targets towards selling ‘less and better’ meat and dairy, and measure performance against them. 

This would include:

  • Tracking the overall quantity of meat and dairy purchased, by value and weight, and use this to monitor the effectiveness of actions to reduce meat and dairy consumption. 
  • Reduce portion sizes for meat and dairy in prepared products. Consider adding lesser-used cuts of meat to products to reduce impact on the environment and use more of the carcass to reduce waste. Increase the proportion of plant rich dishes on offer. 
  • Any animal products on offer should be produced to ‘better’ standards, and this should be communicated clearly to customers.
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