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Wellbeing at Eating Better

Protecting and promoting wellbeing is a core element of our ethos at Eating Better. It is well documented that the fostering of wellbeing at work can have many mutual benefits for people and organisations, from good work/life balance, increased engagement and productivity to reduced levels of stress and absence.

We believe the success of promoting wellbeing lies in the embedding of relevant values in our day to day working life, and ensuring our workplace allows everyone to feel safe and heard. 

Organisational culture is, simply put, ‘how things are done’ at work. It is both visible practice and shared perceptions held across the team, which is why we aim to make sure that wellbeing initiatives are collectively agreed, routinely practised and open to review and change.

Wellbeing through a lens of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Eating Better has produced a statement and set of initiatives relating to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, which we feel is intrinsically linked to wellbeing. Implementing a DEI strategy is crucial for fostering an inclusive and positive work environment that puts wellbeing first.

We have embarked on a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion learning journey which will involve listening to and learning from professionals and others who do it well. Our aim is to broaden our understanding and positively impact both our working practice as well as our wellbeing.

Wellbeing values


One of the core elements of working at Eating Better is flexible working. The team is able to collaborate and deliver work whilst accommodating individual preferences and home responsibilities. This is a powerful aid to our overall wellbeing as it allows for a happier balance between work and home and takes into account personal productivity preferences.

Work life balance

We believe that we enjoy better mental health and are more productive if we practise good work/life balance habits. We openly encourage boundaries to support good work/life balance across our team.

Personal growth

We value being creative and allowing individuals to work with their interests and energy. In addition to bringing added enthusiasm to our work, we feel this encourages investment in people and the sense of feeling valued. 

It is also our aim to create a learning environment that will benefit individuals as well as the whole team. We take inspiration from the Five Ways to Wellbeing approach: connect, be active, take notice, learn, give.


Essential to all other aspects of wellbeing is being kind to one another, supporting each other and being open about any issues we are facing. 

We also feel that learning from mistakes and constructive feedback is valuable, and so we support effort and a trial and error working process.

Inclusion and connection

We are a remote working team that mainly utilises technology to assist our collaborative project work. We believe that it is important to encourage connection within the team in order to support our ways of working, both online and in person. 

We aim to be an inclusive workplace and so acknowledge individual needs, preferences and comfort levels in daily work and offer reasonable adjustments so that everyone feels safe, heard and valued.

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