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Eating Better strengthens Board of Trustees

News | Published  24 August 2023

We are excited to announce the appointment of three new trustees to the Board of Eating Better. Here we introduce Kristin Bash, Liz Gadd and Shaleen Meelu, and hear their motivation for joining the Board.

Duncan Williamson, Chair of Eating Better said:

“We recently had some truly amazing applicants to join the Board of Trustees. We’re pleased to welcome 3 inspiring and multi-talented women, who are systems thinkers working across the sectors of health, environment, and social justice. We’re delighted that they are joining at such an exciting time for Eating Better, and they will significantly strengthen the Board’s experience and expertise” 

Kristin Bash MPH, FFPH is a registered UK public health specialist with expertise in the overlap of public health, food systems, health inequalities, population diets, and the environment. Kristin is Chair of the Food Special Interest Group for Eating Better alliance member the Faculty of Public Health, which provides public health expertise, resources and networking on the many issues that connect the broader food system and population health. Kristin also chairs The Association of Directors of Public Health, Yorkshire and the Humber Food Systems Network, which brings together local government, academics, and regional food partnerships to support local food policy. Since 2017 Kristin has been an Honorary Lecturer in Public Health at the Sheffield Centre for Health and Related Research at the University of Sheffield, where she is also a PhD candidate and Grantham Scholar at the Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures. Kristin’s PhD is related to reducing red and processed meat consumption among men.

“I’m so pleased to join the board of Eating Better and support work towards the mission of ‘less and better’ meat and dairy. What we eat, together with its impact on the environment and planet, plays a critical role in our health and in the health inequity we see in our society. I’m very keen to make the goal of ‘less and better’ meat and dairy meaningful and accessible to all."

Liz Gadd is a Principal Consultant at charity think tank New Philanthropy Capital (NPC). She leads NPC's strategy support for charities and funders, and co-leads NPC's environmental think tank work, including the Everyone's Environment programme, a coalition of over 50 partners working to accelerate the environmental action of social charities and funders. She has 25 years of experience in the charity sector and specialises in strategy, impact, effective philanthropy and change management. Liz is also a trustee of the Environmental Funders Network. She lives with her family on the northern edge of Dartmoor National Park in Devon, where she enjoys growing her own fruit and vegetables, walking on Dartmoor and swimming with her girls in the local rivers.

"I am delighted to join the board of Eating Better and look forward to supporting the Alliance's 60 wonderful partners. I believe passionately that the environmental, health, and equity challenges we face cannot be tackled in siloes and coalitions like Eating Better are the future."

Shaleen Meelu is a dedicated and accomplished Public Health Nutrition Specialist and is advisor to cities developing food policies, with a passion for creating positive impacts on society. Fourteen years ago, she founded Healthy Futures, her public health nutrition consultancy, providing expert advice to a range of governmental and non-governmental organisations. She is currently providing nutrition support to the 11 European cities participating in the Horizon 2020 Food Trails project. Shaleen also co-founded Harborne Food School, a thriving cooking school that offered engaging culinary activities to the public, organisations, and communities prior to the pandemic. She has worked for Eating Better alliance member the Food Foundation leading the Food Cities 2022 Learning Partnership. She works globally on food system transformation, supporting initiatives in India, Africa, and Bangladesh. Shaleen lives in Birmingham where she played a part in the launch of the city’s first food strategy in 2022.

"As a public health nutritionist, serving as a Trustee for Eating Better is an honour during this crucial moment in our journey towards a fairer, healthier, and more sustainable food system. By advocating for a more inclusive and compassionate food system, I am eager to contribute my expertise to foster positive change and make a meaningful impact on public health, the environment, and social justice for a better world through food."


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