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Eating Better appoint new Chair of Trustees

News | Published  10 January 2024

Eating Better is pleased to announce the appointment of Julia Kirby-Smith as its new Chair of Trustees.

Julia Kirby-Smith is joining Eating Better as the Chair of our Board of Trustees. She is currently Executive Director at Better Food Traders, a UK-wide business support network and community for retailers who sell locally-grown, planet-friendly produce.

Julia said:

“I am very pleased to take up this role, and look forward to guiding and supporting the Eating Better board and staff team to advocate for healthy, sustainable diets for all. The intersecting nature of food is both a challenge and an opportunity, and collaboration between different parts of the food system offers a powerful way to achieve impact across social, health and environmental issues. I am a strong supporter of network-building and the Eating Better alliance has an important role to play in creating change in our food system.”

Prior to running Better Food Traders, Julia was an award-winning broadcast journalist and communications specialist, with a track record of using storytelling and digital media to create social change. She also previously founded and ran ethical food retailer Fridge of Plenty, and served as a Trustee for the charity Feedback, an Eating Better alliance member.

Eating Better trustee and health specialist Jane Landon said:

“The trustees of Eating Better are delighted to welcome Julia to the board as its new chair. With her track record as Vice-Chair of the board of Feedback and her work with Better Food Traders, Julia will strengthen and complement the board’s skills and experience in both charity governance and alliance working. We look forward to working with her and Eating Better’s new executive director, Sarah Wakefield, towards a more healthy, just and sustainable food system.”

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