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Anything is Pulse-able 2024

News | Published  1 May 2024

It’s no secret that here at Eating Better we are buzzing about beans! ‘Anything is Pulse-able’ is a month-long campaign highlighting the benefits of beans, peas and lentils for our health, our pockets and our planet.

Throughout May we will be:

  • Showcasing the brilliant pulse campaigns from across the Eating Better alliance (and beyond)
  • Sharing recipes and food stories from community members

Whether you’re looking for ways to reduce the cost of your food shop, eat more sustainably or just try something new, pulses are packed with flavour, protein and fibre.


Coming up on ‘Anything is Pulse-able’

6th May - Rich in history and flavour: pulses in Lebanese cooking - Chef and cookbook author Lina Saad takes us on a journey to Lebanon and discusses the vibrant dishes that her grandfather created.

13th May - Using pulses in South Asian cooking for children - Eating Better alliance member First Steps Nutrition Trust share their new resource and recipes for South Asian dishes for infants and toddlers.

20th May - Nourishing communities: How Made In Hackney uses pulses to fight food injustice - Alliance member Made in Hackney show how pulses are key to the support they offer their communities.

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