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RSPCA Assured launches eat less, eat better campaign

News | Published  1 June 2018

Eating Better has welcomed new RSPCA Assured campaign - ‘eat less, eat better.’

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Eating Better has welcomed a new RSPCA Assured campaign - ‘eat less, eat better’ to encourage people to eat less meat, fish, eggs and dairy from low welfare farms and only choose higher welfare labels.

Liam Kurzeja from RSPCA Assured says: “We’re not telling people to stop eating meat, but the fact is most Brits say they are concerned about the welfare of farm animals. Price, however, is often the biggest barrier stopping them choosing higher welfare food.”

“So our solution is simple; just eat less low welfare food and better higher welfare products, such as those with the RSPCA Assured label. Not only will you be helping improve farm animal welfare, and supporting those farmers who farm to higher standards, but encouraging more farmers to do the same.”

Alongside the launch of the campaign, RSPCA has published new research on the rise of ‘reducetarianism’ – one of the terms used to describe people who are reducing their meat consumption. This found that more than a third of British consumers are consciously reducing (16%) or subconsciously reducing (23%) the amount of meat, fish, eggs or dairy they eat.  According to the survey only 52% of people remain full committed omnivores. The trend is set to continue: in five years’ time most reducetarians think they will continue to reduce more of the meat, fish, eggs and dairy they eat; but few say they will stop eating these entirely.

Health and wanting to lose weight top people’s reasons for cutting back with animal welfare and environment also featuring.

RSPCA assured graphEating Better welcomes RSPCA Assured new campaign and research which supports Eating Better’s Principles of Eating Meat and Dairy More Sustainably: The Less and Better Approach.