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Eating Better joins 50by40

News | Published  5 August 2019

A global initiative with the aim of reducing meat production by 50% by 2040 and a transition to ‘better’ meat and dairy as standard.

Eating Better is pleased to join the global NGO coalition called ‘50by40.’ A global initiative with the aim of reducing meat production by 50% by 2040 and a transition to ‘better’ meat and dairy as standard. 

50by40 believes that by convening and building consensus between international NGO’s from multiple sectors including environment, social justice, faith, climate, animal welfare, biodiversity, health and trade unions, it can substantially increase the impact of each organisation’s voice who share the common goal of building a more sustainable and environmentally sound food system for the ever-growing world population.  

The umbrella goal of 50by40 is to cut the global production and consumption of industrialised animal agriculture and replace it with more sustainable and efficient sources of protein.

Effectively, 50by40 does not seek to replicate the work of existing NGOs, think-tanks and campaigns, but bring people together, to create links and make collective campaigns stronger than the sum of their individual parts.

Moving forwards with a global focus - 50by40’s approach is multi-pronged including; advocacy, provision of funds and behaviour change by working alongside several social justice movements including, land workers’ rights, trade unions, women’s rights and youth focused movements and many others.

50by40 hope to address the critically needed decrease of animal protein consumption in the global north and the nutrition crisis and development needs in the global south.

50by40 aims to assist people to engage in industrial animal agriculture reduction work through a strong focus on:

  • Encouraging and accelerating cooperation among relevant stakeholders and rights-holders to maximise the numerous opportunities of collective action.
  • Bringing together information, knowledge, and shared expertise.
  • Helping to develop and coordinate projects and powerful campaigns within and across organisations.
  • Growing public and financial support for industrial animal agriculture reduction efforts.

If you want more information or want to get more involved contact -