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Anything is Pulse-able

News | Published  12 January 2023

New campaign from Eating Better aims to show how eating pulses can save you money and improve your health

‘Anything is Pulse-able’ is a new campaign from Eating Better raising awareness of the health, cost-saving and environmental benefits of pulses.

The campaign highlights how lentils, peas and beans, which are all types of pulses, are the unsung heroes of kitchens around the world. Used across many cultures, they’re nutritional and culinary powerhouses. Not only are they a versatile kitchen staple, they are also nutrient rich and affordable.

As well as being significant sources of protein, micronutrients, and minerals Pulses also contain high quantities of fibre. According to the Department of Health, high-fibre intake from pulses has been linked to reduced blood pressure,  risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes as well as improved gut health.

Anna Taylor, Executive Director of the Food Foundation said: “With the cost of living crisis continuing to bite, cooking with beans or swapping out some meat for beans in family favourites can be a great way for households to cut food bills. We’d like to see retailers do more to champion and better promote beans and pulses to support families through what will inevitably be another challenging year.”

The campaign is supported by renowned chefs, health and fitness experts and showcases recipe ideas, as well handy tips and tricks on how to use pulses in your go-to favourite meals, and information dispelling myths that pulses are hard to cook and digest.  

Pulses are good for the environment too, as compared to animal protein sources, they have lower carbon and water footprints, as well as directly benefiting soil quality by fixing nitrogen and protecting soil microbes, reducing the need for synthetic fertilisers. By improving soil health, pulses can help reduce food insecurity in many areas in the world affected by soil degradation.

“While there has been an increase in the people that have adopted a sustainable lifestyle in the last 12 months, including people reducing their meat consumption, research has shown that the barriers to more people being healthier and sustainable are related to cost and convenience. By providing information, inspiration and recipes, we want to show how even during a cost of living crisis, everyone can have access to affordable, healthy, and sustainable meals!” - Simon Billing, Executive Director, Eating Better

With all the proven benefits to our wellbeing and environment, consuming pulses should be giving us all food for thought!

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