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Set targets for more plants and less and better meat and evaluate progress

Rebalance the plate and menu and measure progress towards encouraging plant-rich choices. 

Set targets towards serving ‘less and better’ meat and dairy and measure performance against them. Making this switch requires sourcing more vegetables, plant proteins such as pulses, lentils and nuts, wholegrains and fruit, and working with suppliers to achieve this. A coherent nationwide food policy is needed to help producers to meet growing demand.

Set progressive targets and measure progress:

  • Tracking sales of meat mains compared to veg-based mains. Use this to monitor the effectiveness of actions to reduce meat and dairy consumption.
  • Reducing portion sizes for meat and dairy. Track overall quantity of meat and dairy purchased, by value and weight, and use this to monitor overall reduction.
  • Increasing the proportion of plant-rich dishes on the menu.
  • Increasing the proportion of meat and dairy produced to ‘better’ standards, with the aim to purchase only ‘better’ meat and dairy.
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