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Put more plants on plates and menus

Make vegetables, wholegrains, nuts, seeds, fruit and pulses the focus of the food offer, including any default options.

A dietary transition towards a future where we eat mostly plants is only feasible if there are enough tasty options available to buy. Plant-rich dishes, which contain predominantly plant foods, should make up the majority of the offer. The remaining meat and dairy on sale should be produced to ’better’ standards

Rebalance the plate:

  • Increase the proportion of plant-rich dishes on the menu, at least 50% of main courses should contain mostly plants.
  • Make vegetables and plant proteins the star of more dishes.
  • Introduce more wholegrains and vegetables to meat and dairy based dishes.
  • Use delicious recipes - often traditional dishes - that are inherently lower in meat and dairy, such as small amounts of flavoursome meat in a stir fry or paella. 
  • Use MSC certified fish and seafood.
  • Consider offering smaller portions of "better" meat as an add-on or side to standard plant-based mains. Make better use of livestock products by serving less-used cuts of meat.
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