Encouraging better business practice

Food businesses have an important role in helping people make healthy and sustainable choices, including shifting to more plant-based eating with less and better meat.

Eating Better is raising awareness of business opportunities for healthy sustainable eating.  We identify better practice and showcase businesses leading the way, whether they are restaurants, school and hospital food providers, employers, retailers and food producers.

Food businesses can help by offering more meat-free meals, adapting dishes to include smaller quantities of meat and creating more plant-based dishes that are attractive, desirable choices for customers.

With flexitarian eating tipped as a major trend for food companies in 2016, some are already leading the way.  Following Eating Better’s lunchtime sandwich survey in 2015, which found only 17 out of 620 options from supermarkets and high street chains were plant-based based, Pret a Manger has announced it’s introducing more vegan and vegetarian choices. Companies like IKEA and contract catering company Sodexo are reducing the GHG impacts of the food they serve. Top chefs, such as Bruno Loubet, are putting vegetables centre-plate. And British company Quorn is seeing growth and new market opportunities among meat eaters wanting to eat less. Making change overtly or by stealth - such as adding more veggies and reducing meat in dishes – does not mean compromising on taste.For the meat they do use, we encourage sourcing ‘better’ meat that is naturally-fed, has a known provenance and is produced to high animal welfare, environmental and quality standards. This ‘less but better’ approach can provide health and sustainability benefits, while also providing cost savings.

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