Companies under the spotlight on antimicrobial resistance

By : Clare Richards
Sep 30, 2016
Shareholder activists are urging food companies, including McDonald's, to ensure responsible on-farm antibiotic use.

Is there such a thing as ‘better’ when it comes to meat?

John Meadley, Chairman of the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association blogs about why it's important to champion 'better meat' consumption as well as less.


Top tips for eating better meat this Easter

This Easter, award-winning butcher Nick Rapps at Sheepdrove shares his advice on making meat special, and his first tip is, eat less!

Meat the future: new book sets out the effects of the world’s diet

Australian academics Stuart White and Dana Cordell have contributed to a new book which looks at how reducing meat in our diets is a more sustainable and fairer way to feed the planet.

Fighting big soy agribusiness: learning lessons from Paraguayan farmers

By : Eating Better
Mar 13, 2015
In Paraguay, small farmers are fighting back against the spread of the vast soy monoculture. Vicki Hird of Friends of the Earth went to meet them.
Cattle feed

Cows, cars and climate change

Globally greenhouse gas emissions from livestock are as large as emissions from transport.  Shouldn’t we be doing more to make our diets - as well as our cars - more climate-smart asks Tim Benton?

Food Security: MPs discuss less and better meat

Government and farming must do more to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from agriculture says the parliamentary Environment Food & Rural Affairs Committee.
Duncan Williamson and his chickens

My grandfather raised chickens

Chicken is portrayed as the healthy virtuous meat – but is it and should we be eating so much? asks Duncan Williamson. Embracing variety in our diets would enliven our pallets and plates and give the chickens a better time too.

Meat Atlas

An Atlas of Meat

Everything you need to know about meat in one great publication writes Vicki Hird. With facts and figures about the animals we eat, it's essential reading for 2014.

Pigs in field

Meat - a looming antibiotic crisis?

By : Rebecca St Clair
Oct 28, 2013

Nearly half of all antibiotics produced in the world are consumed by farm animals. Rebecca St Clair reports on growing concerns about antibiotic resistance and the need for more responsible use of antibiotics in intensive farming.

Calories delivered per calories produced

Halving world consumption of grain-fed meat could feed two billion more people

Watch the video from Emily Cassidy, lead author of the study and environmental scientist at the University of Minnesota, United States.
The Pig Idea logo

Let's stop pigging out!

If we truly want to change the way we think about meat we must first address the way in which our animals are fed says guest contributor Edd Colbert of the Pig Idea campaign.
Peter Stevenson

Feeding nine billion: how much extra food do we need to produce?

By : Peter Stevenson
Jun 13, 2013

Experts regularly argue that, to feed the anticipated world population in 2050 of nine billion, food production must increase by 60%-70% or more.  And on the basis of these figures we are told that further intensification of agricultural production is essential.

But are these figures accurate?  Do we really need to produce so much extra food? asks Peter Stevenson of Compassion in World Farming.

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