New report: policies for better livestock farming

New research commissioned by Eating Better says future policies towards livestock farming and trade in the UK and EU should support a shift to healthy sustainable diets and develop more coherent approaches to environmental objectives such as climate change, protecting nature and high animal welfare.

Less meat, more veg

New analysis identifies the huge gap between healthy & sustainable diets and what we’re actually eating

We follow the meat money

We're asking how can public money be better spent to encourage less and better meat and dairy and more plant-based eating, inline with health recommendations and climate change reduction targets.
Berkeley Farm Dairy ©Soil Association

Eat less, choose better: organic is different

Research published in the British Journal of Nutrition demonstrates that the way we produce food has a profound impact on its nutritional profile, writes Rob Percival.

Changing Climate, Changing Diets

Reducing meat consumption is critical to achieving global climate goal says new Chatham House report that urges governments to do more to change diets.

The Case for Protein Diversity

A report from the Carbon Trust finds that increasing diversity of UK protein choices is a practical way to promote more sustainable diets with lower impacts on health and environment.

Official: processed meat causes cancer and red meat probably does

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the cancer agency of the World Health Organization, has confirmed that processed meats such as bacon, ham & sausages, do cause cancer, and that red meat (which includes beef, lamb and pork) is a probable carcinogen.

'Where does your meat come from?'

The question that high street restaurant and pub chains find hard to answer. Rob Percival shares the highs and lows of the Soil Association's Out to Lunch survey of children's food.

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New report: How to eat well for a healthy planet

Eating Better welcomes the publication of the Principles of Healthy & Sustainable Eating Patterns report and says it's time to update UK official healthy eating advice for sustainability.

Meat the future: new book sets out the effects of the world’s diet

Australian academics Stuart White and Dana Cordell have contributed to a new book which looks at how reducing meat in our diets is a more sustainable and fairer way to feed the planet.

Lower-meat diet recommended for the US

For the first time, the expert scientific committee that advises the US government on healthy eating has included environmental considerations and recommended sustainable diets with less meat and more plant-based foods. Eating Better says it's time to update UK Dietary Guidelines.
Rob Bailey

Impact of livestock on climate change cannot be ignored

The global public and the international community need a greater awareness of how much meat and dairy consumption can affect climate goals, writes Rob Bailey of Chatham House.

Are we falling out of love with meat?

New research for Eating Better shows one-in-three people are willing to eat less meat and 20% saying they have already cut back. Read our latest report on changing dietary behaviour.

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